Rental aircraft: the benefits of renting 

Planned a business trip? Schedule of meetings and negotiations is very dense and does not tolerate to changes? Rental of aircraft for business flights will be the best solution.  
- Flights are only possible on modern ships, able to guarantee comprehensive safety of passengers; 
- VIP terminal with the minimum of formalities; 
- Attentive and polite staff accompanies at each stage of registration and flight – passengers do not need to think about anything; 
- Aircraft is managed by a team of professionals - the best representatives of flight schools.  

The experience and reputation of AVIA BUSINESS GROUP for your comfortable flight. 

We have a solid experience in the segment of flight support, we will offer the most favorable conditions for rental services of aircraft. Aircraft rent, which will offer the company AVIA BUSINESS GROUP will allow you to be free and not to depend on commercial airlines. Business aircraft, corporate transport, Charter and cargo flights, touristic and leisure tours VIP class – you will appreciate the attractive conditions of cooperation for each type of service.  

To rent a plane in our company is beneficial for many reasons:  
 - Opportunity to make business negotiations and business meetings at a time and place that is convenient for you   

- Choice of aircraft fully meets the needs of your trip   

- High level of comfort during the whole flight   

- Simplified procedure of customs clearance   

- Quickly booking of the plane and get the whole package of documents    


When you order aircraft via AVIA BUSINESS GROUP you will be able to spend time with pleasure during long flights and to feel care of our crew about your comfort and well-being.